Friday, January 19, 2007

I changed my blogspot address

I decided to change the blogspot address to make it easier to remember and find. Hopefully it will work.

I'm in!

Finally, I have managed to find time and courage to get started with this program. I do hope to learn a lot about Web 2.0, and look forward to connecting with other staff members through their blogs. I currently know little about many of the items that we will be covering in the few months with Learning Library. I admit, I have hesitations about some of them, especially My Space. After consideration, I decided this should not hold me back from getting started. If it seems like something I don't want to do, I'll just skip that part. There is always the option of being anonomous.

The internet has become a major force in the world, both good and bad, and will only become more so in the very near future. People need to be aware of this new "web world" and its capabilities of reaching around the world in seconds, and understand the global aspects, ability to influence and its many applications. So, this is my introduction into this new world and I am very curious. Should be interesting!