Friday, April 27, 2007

Happy Spring!

Success! I posted the photo again and this time I'm leaving it alone.

I love it. It makes me want to be in our garden.

Flickr : )

Yes, as everyone says, Flickr is fun, but learning how to transfer photos from Flickr to my Flickr account was my first challenge, and since Tammy was near, I asked for her advice on the easiest way to do this. We did a copy and paste process, which did seem the easiest. My next challenge was to find a fun public photo on Flickr that I wanted to add to my blog. This went much better, and having a blog already set up made it go quickly. It just required doing some reading and then guess work to determine the path. My only problem was trying to undo what I apparently messed up after it was on my blog by moving the photo around on the post. I'm going to delete it and do it again, this time leaving it alone. That will also give me practice. After I saw how simple process was once Flickr has your blog identified, I decided to also put the photo from my Flickr account onto my blog. This went much faster. So, off to make the correction!

Josh in Venice

Josh in Venice
Originally uploaded by libgal.
I was so happy to discover this photo of my son, Josh, on Flickr. I've never seen it, because it was taken by his friend, Chris Lowrance, on the Indiana Univ. trip to Italy.