Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Really Simple Syndication

This has been very interesting, but time consuming. I started checking out the RSS exercise over a month ago and just now getting to posting about it. So much info out there and so little time to read it. I started a blogline account and added, over time, 18 feeds. Some I will rarely check, or just eliminate, but others I want to check often. I also added a blog by a young relative of mine living on her own in New Zealand, which is fun. Soon she will be moving to Asia and experiencing more adventures. Now, with this feed, I can keep on top of it easily - one stop blogging.

I like the LibraianInBlack blog best of the library blogs. The Librarians on Motorcycles is just for fun. I added good art blogs, which don't have anything to do with libraries, but ones I find interesting, my favorite being the NYT > Arts feed.

I found the various feed finders very different. Maybe I wasn't using Feedster correctly, but I got the same results when searching by Newsfeeds, Blogs and Podcasts with the word "libraries." I liked Topix best, once I figured out how to use it. I also didn't like Syndic8. In searching there I was asked for a password to authorize accessing a feed from API, but was able to access a blog on another try. It just didn't seem user friendly to me, but then again, maybe it was just me. Technorati was good, easy to use and from that I found a blog to add. I'm going to continue to look for other blogs of interest, now that I know how easy it is to do. I'm going to show this to my husband, and have him create a blogline account too, for things of interest to him. It saves time, keeps you posted, and its easy! The problem is finding time to read all that you have available to you!