Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Flickr tool fun

This was rather time consuming, but fun to investigate, except for Mappr. The first couple of times I tried to work with Mappr, it didn't seem to be working correctly. Today I was able to mess with it and see the purpose and advantages of it, but when I tried to actually use it and view photos, I had some frustrating experiences. For example: I chose "oceans" as a tag, and when it brought up a photo in Kansas I became suspicious. It verified that it was "very confident" that this photo was taken in Kansas. Clicking on it showed a ocean beach scene with people all over the beach and a huge rock. It described the location, "Another panoramic view of the world famous beach that attracts thousands of visitors to Biarritz in the Basque Coast." So, I thought perhaps the person that posted the photo was from Kansas, but going to his profile I discovered he's from Mexico. Maybe I just picked the one mistake, but it did shatter my confidence in the tool.

The Montagr link from 2.0 brought up a single photo and no content on how to use or access it. I did find a way to access Montagr via the mashups link, along with many other tool links. However, when I went to the Montagr link, it said it required Flash 7 to use it. You could download it, but it warned of possibly crashing your browser. So, I didn't want to download this on the library computer. There were many different options on the Flickr mashups page to explore. The Color Picker was a lot of fun. It could have many uses, besides being entertaining. I would like to remember it, so in the future, I can come back to play around with it. Another fun discovery was Google Earth, but once again you had to download the program, which I didn't want to do here at the library. This takes quite a bit of time to research, and until just recently we have had dial-up internet access at home. Now that we have WildBlue, I can investigate these further at home.