Friday, October 26, 2007

Using Web Applications

This is a great option I didn't even know existed! I told my husband about it and he was happy to learn about it, too, and can see ways to put it to use making it easier for him to have documents accessible to work on in his office and at home.

I immediately liked the Google Docs, because it's accessible directly from my Gmail account. But I discovered that we can't access Google Docs at home, because it will not work with Safari, which is what we have on our iMac at home. I could not find a spell check on the Google Doc site either, which is something ZOHO Writer did have, along with various options Google Docs didn't have.

Fortunately the Google Calendar does work at home, and after working with the Google Calendar I found it liked it better than the "30 Boxes" calendar application. I have already signed up for both. Google calendar was easy to use and I love the color coding. Not only that, but it's so easy to access right from Gmail. I am considering using an online calendar along with my staff to keep track of when everyone is scheduled and to keep up with any changes. It would require having everyone on board for using it.

I rarely have need of a spreadsheet, but this is another wonderful option to have available free online. I can see this being helpful with organizations to keep of expenses and have databases available. For example, having the FOCL membership contact list available to everyone. Keeping the FOCL info here would be helpful to FOCL Board members, but I am always fearful of having private contact info available online. Anyway, there's exciting new stuff out there explore!

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