Thursday, October 11, 2007

Trying new search engines

I tried all seven search engines listed on the 2.0 lesson doing 2 different searches with each to compare the results. They all worked very differently.
Exalead had a nice format, but it didn't have relevent results for my seaches at the top.
Wink was just a people search, but it was easy to use.
Gravee turned out to be an interesting engine, but at first I couldn't get it to search. I thought it was requiring you to login and I didn't want to do that just to mess around with it. I went back later and it was working correctly. It had good results and even has a button to add a bookmark or claim the site, and asked if the results were relevent. I would go back and use this again, so I think it's my second favorite.
Clusty got better as I figured out some benefits in the left frame to choose a more relevent direction for the search.
Mooter was my favorite, because it had the most appropriate site results for my search. It had sub seaches for you to choose from depending on the direction you wanted to go in a graphic format, although, I did get into something very strange that I had a hard time getting out of that said it found viruses or worms and wanted me to download a program to stop it. I feared doing that too, and closed out of everything.
Yahoo was so much better than I remembered it. I never use it anymore. It even had dropdown search choices to help narrow your search. I found surpisingly good results from it and would say it was my third favorite of these engines.
Kartoo was really veird. It was very visual, but I found it very confusing the more I worked with it and tried different things. It would open a new page and offer more options. This one would take a lot more investigation. Perhaps with more time I would find it to be better than other search engines, given it's unusual graphic link options.

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